The purpose of this website is to provide helpful assistance to teachers who have purchased a classroom set of either, or both, of the textbooks published by Pearson Education Limited for the two International Baccalaureate mathematics courses: Mathematics SL and Mathematics HL.  This website has been designed and will be regularly maintained by the two authors of the textbooks – Ibrahim Wazir and Tim Garry.  We will strive to provide a range of materials and ideas to support effective teaching for IB Mathematics SL and IB Mathematics HL in combination with our textbooks.

Materials on this authors website will include:

♦  Chapter tests and quizzes

♦  Practice mock exams and markschemes

♦  Additional exercises and solutions

♦  Guidance and support on the new IA Mathematical Exploration

♦  Graphing calculators and other technology

♦  Instructional activities for students

♦  Errata/corrections for both textbooks


Our two IB mathematics textbooks, accompanying e-books, worked solutions (CD & in e-book) and online chapters for the HL Options

1.   Focus on problem-solving throughout the books with a student-centred approach.

2.   Provide very clear explanation of important concepts and skills accompanied by numerous examples with worked out solutions

3.   Include a full chapter on the new IA Mathematical Exploration.  The chapter includes a list of 200 ideas/topics suitable for a student exploration.

4.   Address all changes to the new syllabus (first exams May 2014) including: SL – correlation & regression, integration by substitution, and some detailed changes to the Algebra, Functions, and Probability & Statistics topics; HL core – sum and product of roots of polynomial equations and some detailed changes to the Vectors, Probability & Statistics, and Calculus topics; HL options – significant changes have been made to all four options and these are thoroughly addressed in our online HL Options chapters.

5.   Include worked solutions to all exercises in the books. On the e-book for each textboook, a click of a bottom will give you all details for the solution of an exercise.

6.   Have chapter summaries indicating what your students should learn from each chapter along with frequent quizzes for students to check their understanding (e-book).

7.   Provide high-quality graphing calculator (GDC) support where all GDC procedures are thoroughly demonstrated and explained by an experienced teacher with audio-video clips embedded in the relevant sections of the e-books.

8.   Offer interactive Autograph files that provide activities for students to engage with for each and every chapter of the book.

9.   Inlcudes a highly engaging Theory of Knowledge (TOK) chapter written by Ric Sims, a former Deputy Chief Examiner for TOK and highly experienced TOK and Maths HL teacher.